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About Us

                 For Nearly
                  60 Years: The SUTTNER brand is recognized for many of the modern
                                innovations in the high pressure cleaning applications today.
                                • 375 employees world wide.
                                • 430,000 square foot factory space worldwide.
                                • Suttner supplies components to more than 75 countries.
                                • In-house production of 95% of ALL products sold.

                   Training: We are committed to training, we believe the more knowledge
                                the customer has, the easier the selling process.
               Innovation: Suttner strives to develop 2 products each month on average.

                Reliability: We strive to fill orders in a timely manner.
                  Integrity: Is a concept of consistency of actions, values, methods, measures,
                               principles, expectations and outcomes.
              Consistency: Our integrity guides us to supply our customers with the parts and
                               accessories in a manner that they request.
                    Quality: Product branded with the SUTTNER name is designed and
                                manufactured with quality products that features comfortable and
                                easy function use that customers have come to expect for nearly
                                60 years.
                 Discipline: Our management team has the business acumen to stay true to
                               business strategies that partner with like-minded customers.
                    Loyalty: A shared business loyalty model combining quality of product and
                                service leads to mutually satisfying and profitable relationships.
              Partnership: Development of successful, long term, strategic relationships based
                                on achieving best practice and sustainable competitive advantages.
               Knowledge: Our North American staff average 18 years of industry experience.
                  Location: Central USA warehouse for quick shipping direct to all locations.

             Our management team is driven by a true commitment to customer’s needs.

             The Suttner team has extensive experience and provides the technical support
             needed. We specialize in personal service, spending time with customers over
             the phone or in person to diligently understand customer’s needs and markets.

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