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Terms & Conditions

                 Stocking Orders:

                 Stocking orders can be ordered in multiple shipments; within the
                 time-frame noted. To maintain the stocking order discounts levels; 45%
                 of the minimum annual volume for that discount level must be delivered
                 within that six month period. Suttner America Company reserves the
                 right to periodically review and adjust discount levels based upon actual

                 or estimated annual purchase volume.

                 The preceding use of the term “delivered” distinguishes between

                 product ordered and product shipped. Maintaining a discount is
                 determined by volume of product shipped.

                 Suttner America Company is dedicated to shipping all orders no later
                 than the day specified. It is necessary that Suttner America Company
                 be kept advised of high volume customer needs. Placed orders with
                 scheduled releases assures that product is in-house and ready for
                 just-in-time delivery. Suttner America Company customers do not have
                 to contend with manufacturing lead times or international shipping.
                 Suttner America Company maintains a high volume production run
                 inventory providing customers with cost effective manufacturing and
                 shipping processes.

                 Possession of this catalog or any other Suttner America Company
                 material should not be construed as an offer to sell.

                 Water Quality:

                 Water should be clean water and have no floating particles (these
                 particles reduce product life). Under no circumstances should your
                 machine be supplied with water from a pond, sea or fully demineralized
                 water. To ensure, you are using clean water, put a sample of water in a
                 glass, let it stand for a few hours and then check to see if any floating
                 particles have settled at the bottom of the glass.

                 Product information and specifications are subject to change and

                 Suttner reserves the right to make changes to the catalog at any
                 time without notice. All reasonable efforts have been made to
                 ensure the accuracy of the information.

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