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ST-2012 Spray Gun (ergonomic)

Part # 202012605
Pressure 5000 PSI
Temperature 302° F
Flow Rate 10.5 GPM
Inlet 3/8" FPT
Outlet 1/4" FPT
Weight 1.25 lb
Box Quantity 30


With a combination of a large diameter and a hardened polished surface of the ball, the force into the piston rod is center. This creates a lateral force that reduces wear to a minimum.


• Ergonomic design
• Private label availability
• LFT "Low Friction Trigger"
• Reduces pulling force
• Same inlet and outlet angles as the ST-1500 & ST-2000 Spray Guns
• #202012600 with out label
  • Parts List
  • Repair Kit

FILE DOWNLOAD: 202012600-plist.pdf

FILE DOWNLOAD: 201500496-rkit.pdf

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