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Suttner, the leading manufacturer of industrial components, has been producing German engineered components for nearly 60 years. Suttner has a well-known reputation for quality products and knowledgeable people. With world wide manufacturing capabilities to our North American distribution center in Iowa, we supply customers with timely shipping from our fully stocked warehouse. We pride ourselves on shipping 98% of orders complete on the same day that we receive them. Suttner America Company is dedicated to supplying top quality products throughout North America.
Our management team is experienced and driven by a true commitment to customer’s needs. The Suttner team has extensive experience and provides the technical support needed. We specialize in personal service, spending time with customers over the phone or in person to diligently understand customers needs and markets.

In response to customer demands, Suttner America launched the foam product line this year. Already widely used in European livestock markets, the effectiveness and efficiency of foam applications will be well received by livestock producers in the United States. In addition,foam generates incredible savings in chemical use and time. Foam will clean everything from out-buildings and floors, to all your parlor and milking equipment. Foam expands chemicals reducing use up to 50% in most applications. Foam is visible on application that assures proper coverage especially in disinfecting. A thorough cleaning job will help keep the FDA, USDA, EPA, OSHA from your front door and foam can assist you in that task.