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1/4” FNPT Nozzles Parts Detail

For application requiring quick exchange of different degree nozzles

Orifice Size 15° 25° 40°
4.0 9WEG0D040   9WEG25040  
4.5   9WEG15045 9WEG25045 9WEG40045
5.0 9WEG0D005 9WEG15050 9WEG25050 9WEG40050
5.5 9WEG0D055 9WEG15055 9WEG25055 9WEG40055
6.0 9WEG0D006     9WEG40060
7.0   9WEG15070 9WEG25070 9WEG40070
8.0 9WEG0D008 9WEG15080 9WEG25080 9WEG40080
9.0   9WEG15090 9WEG25090 9WEG40090
10.0 9WEG0D10 9WEG01510 9WEG02510 9WEG04010


Ideal for one nozzle applications and quick exchange is not needed.


• 1/4” FNPT thread.
• Available in same capacities as standard weg nozzle, up to nozzle size 10.
• If guide vane is required, please inquire about our standard 1/4 weg washjet nozzle.
• Spray angles range from high impact solid stream 0° to a 40° flat spray.
• Produce a uniform distribution of small-to-medium sized drops.

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